As Asmira Group, we know that one of the most valuable assets of a company is a person, we are aware that the human endeavor has built the bridge between the goals of the company and the ability to achieve value through success. For this reason, we embrace people, who have acquired a unity of purpose and have gathered for the same goal, with different cultures, languages, religions, races, genders, gender identities, ages and backgrounds with a great respect, we believe in the universality of polyphony. It should not be forgotten that in all the methods and processes of HR after this introduction, the above-mentioned principles of "equal opportunity" and "human values" are basis. Asmira Group adopts a human-oriented business philosophy and takes it upon itself to create value.


Sharing under the Manifesto of Asmira Group; the values such as commitment, reliability, honesty, diligence, creativity, innovation, environmental awareness and respect are all adopted by employees as an organizational culture. One of the most important tasks of all managers is to ensure that the values in the manifest are adopted by their employees; it is to communicate in best way with internal and external stakeholders during all business processes. Our business values carry a kind of guideline that sheds light on our vision. A management and leadership mentality, that does not compromise on identified values, embraces the whole organization.


A part of Asmira Group's strategic human resources management is to attract highly qualified workforce and provide the sustainable competitive advantage. During the hiring processes, it is aimed that the right people are assigned to the right positions so that orientation & socialization, even the staff development trend can be achieved effectively and efficiently. In the process starting with the publication of the advertisement for a vacant position within the company, in order to provide business relationship based on long-term mutual benefit principle, the psycho-technical, psycho-social & business competences are measured by scientific methods to assign right candidate to the right job and provide adaptation to the organization's culture.


Training is essential for Asmira Group. It is encouraged that all employees take it to the next level by acquiring new knowledge and updating existing knowledge. Training needs determined by the departments and human resources are provided inhouse or outsourced. Individuals are encouraged to achieve personal development in order to be fueled from different resources, rather than their professional habitat. The additional skills required for a polyphonic perspective, definitely accelerate the enrichment of work and the efficiency of the value created. For this reason, taking the necessary training to diversify skills constitutes a part of the corporate culture and policy. Asmira Group accepts “learning” as an “organizational level strategy”.


In all recruitments, there is a 2-month probation period without exception. The basic information to be acquired by the employee and guidance are included in the manual at the ASMIRA GROUP HR KIT, which is notified to the employee with the recruitment.  It is expected that the employee will examine the Manual in detail and understand his/her role, responsibility and performance criteria. During this period, the relevant unit managers make all necessary technical and social referrals for the employee in order to adapt to new job and work environment. In specified periods which declared employee in advance, the feedback is given to the employee during the orientation and socialization processes.


Asmira Group has a flexible and dynamic organizational structure with minimum level hierarchy and open communication paradigm. Succeeding to implement an agile structure with the minimum layers and the fact that the horizontal organization is at the top level, Asmira acts edgy with its challenging dynamism creativity and innovativeness. By providing a convenient work environment that fosters creativity & innovation not only individual but also collective, employees are delivered “experience pool”. In the long run Asmira’s main objective is to realize the potential of both employees and business and provide a surplus value.