With more than 40 years of experience, Asmira Bunker is the biggest marine fuel supplier of the Aegean Region. Having the largest supply network with 22 physical supply points from Gemlik to Alanya, Asmira Bunker gives service 24/7 to all customers with its expert staff.

Carrying out supply of marine fuel oil and euro diesel at the same time with the ability to load directly from the refinery, Asmira Bunker can make the best and uneventful bunker supply to the ship program with its own truck fleet and barge fleet.

Having the ISO 8217:2012 standard at the marine gas oil and euro diesel, Asmira Bunker is the largest supplier in the region with 330 types of marine lubricants.

Eliminating the price and product avail risk by ordering fuel 20 days in advance within Next Port planning, Asmira Bunker offers the most effective pricing with innovative financial solutions for every company.

Asmira Bunker continues its “cost-time-quality” oriented approach with uninterrupted barge pumping rate of 140 mt/hour per hour by the help of accredited staff.