Asmira Logistics is an Asmira Group company, which keeps all its activities with a half-century approaching experience and confidence.  Carrying its expertise in fuel transportation, to the goal of becoming one of Turkey's leading logistics service providers, Asmira Logistics gives service with the equipped and renewed fleet in accordance with the latest legislation.

Having all technical equipment specially produced, the Asmira Logistics has special pumps capable of supplying 800 liters per minute; capable of reaching 1,200 liters with cross links. Having the Liaison Office in Aliağa and equipped with high technology, Menemen/Ulukent Truck Fleet Garage provides access to all fuel terminals operating in this region at the shortest time. 

Maintaining its services at the yacht, ship and territorial supply locations in a matter with all necessary precautions, with specially trained and experienced driver staff, Asmira Logistics always gives customers "confidence" in European Standards.

Strengthening its special position in the fuel transportation with its knowledge and the quality documents, Asmira Logistics is the best service provider when it comes to "safe service" for all stations and commercial industrial fields. Persistently investing in yacht and ship supply, Asmira Logistics continues to be a pioneer in the sector.

Providing project-based productivity, designing the "boutique support services" for its clients, Asmira Logistics is rapidly adapting new business models evolving in the world and responds to changing needs at the same pace. Asmira Logistics continues to be a reliable solution partner in an increasingly competitive environment, as it was yesterday.