Combined with a new perspective on the experience and service attained since 1977, Asmira Group is a group which was born and grown in Aegean, leading with a vision of “Becoming a local brand on every European Coast”.

Developing basic skills and traditional business practices in the foundation of company with the innovative methods and continuing local/international business associations, the Asmira Group continues to operate with superior service understanding by reaching more points to more customers. Developing innovation skills and achieving the most efficient use in internal processes, Asmira puts to create value with the "human" element as the basis of the whole business philosophy with the investment made to human and the service it gives to human. 

Maintaining self-realization with a realistic vision, feasible mission, achievable goals and profit-oriented strategies, the Asmira Group embodies the notion of "becomig" instead of "to be" to achieve the short, medium and long-term goals it has set for this purpose; it adopts a dynamic business philosophy devoted to continuous innovation.

Continuing to expand the marine, bunker and logistics business activities through investments in business lines such as, F&B, construction and tourism, Asmira creates value through its business philosophy of "quality-trust-perfect service-innovation"