Asmira Ecosystem

Theater Terminal provides "elocution, breathing techniques" to Asmira employees. Asmira supports Tiyatro Terminal’s plays. Actors of Tiyatro Terminal and Asmira Group employees start to stage a “play” to support the Kitvak and Eçev. Eçev scholars & volunteers are posting "get well soon, stay healthy forever" design cards to the homes of the children who receive treatment at Kitvak and recuperate. Asmira Group organizes “vocational trips” for Eçev scholars. Tiyatro Terminal visits Kitvak at national sovereignty and children's day and congratulates children’s special day by their play. Asmira Group regularly leaves "Room Sospeso" for Kitvak , so that those who in need could lodge. Asmira Group starts a “tour” initiative for the Theater Terminal. Eçev is cycling for the education of children; Asmira Group Kitvak & Tiyatro Terminal families “jump on their bicycles” and ride for support. We are “hosted” by one our stakeholders every month. We suspend all hierarchy and status plays for a while and we become “one body”, “one soul”, “one mind” in order to find creative and innovative solutions for the problems of our habitat.