As Asmira Group, social responsibility represents the whole process of value co-creation with our internal and external stakeholders far beyond being a means of legitimization for us. For this reason, we aim to create a dialogue between institutions in a multi-dimensional perspective in which all our human and intellectual capital is included, by following a proactive strategy, rather than merely providing financial support in terms of matter that the value it creates is limited. We believe that sustainable social responsibility can only be achieved as a result of efforts that are put into mutual practice.

Rising on values such as contemporary, modern, participatory and tolerance, reflecting pride of being Smyrnian in every practice, Asmira Group continues social responsibility dialogue with the institutions operating in Aegean Region. Our values and practices are about transforming our own habitat into a more livable, more shared, more tolerant ecosystem. In this context, we develop our social responsibility policy in three areas; education, health and culture. Then, with whom we create value; EÇEV (Ege Contemporary Education Foundation), KİTVAK (Bone Marrow Transplantation and Oncology Hospital Founding and Development Foundation) and TİYATRO TERMINAL.