Dear Stakeholders;

I would like to meet you again in February 2020 with the occasion of sharing and presenting up-to-date information and overall assesment of the past two years after my first article in February 2018.

We have finished the year 2019 with flying colours. Both ongoing bunkering operations in our 4 marine gas stations’ and the first steps that we have made last year in yachting, played a huge role to realize our goals. As Asmira, we have commenced a yacht charter business by ordering brand new sailing boats with different lenghts and living spaces for 2020 Marine Season. Besides, Asmira Marine has completed all the necessary infrastructure for re-fit services and operations particularly in Turgutreis, thereafter in Didim, Istanbul and Çeşme. All these rewarding developments and Asmira Marine’s high-end service quality are expected to contribute our country’s marine tourism which is one of the most remarkable destinations in the world for yacht owners with its amazing south coasts.

In 2020, we will make debut of Asmira’s know-how, experience and impecciable service quality in bunker operations in Portonovi Marina, Montenegro. Besides the ongoing operations in bunkering services in Montenegro Portonovi Marina, we will be developing other yachting businesses. The companies that we established and completed infrastructures as Asmira’s sister companies keep all business contacts, negotiations and alliances. Soon, we will be pleased to announce you our new foreign trades and operations. As Asmira Group we are in a busy schedule to realize one of the primary misson of Asmira Group which is to represent Turkey thoroughly in Europe. In this regard, i would like to thank Asmira Montenegro team, who are settled in Montenegro.

Asmira Bunker, which supplies marine gas oil and fuel oil to marine vessels, has started its activities in all European ports, particularly in Istanbul, and reached the highest sales volume up to now in the history of Asmira Bunker. I would like to thank at first Petrol Ofisi Marine Sales, and all other stakeholders that the trust and the support they have shown inspite of the uncertanities of low sulfur regulation in 2020. Morover, i congratulate Asmira Bunker team for their outstanding peformance.

IBIA Annual Conference (IBIA Istanbul Convention 2019) has been hosted 500 delegates with one of the highest level of participation recorded ever in 22-24th October in Istanbul. In this precious organization as Asmira Bunker we had a chance to become boat tour sponsor and honored to host vast participation of 250 delegates. Our renowned worldwide artists in their fields, Weaver Mr. Fırat Neziroğlu & Countertenor Mr. Nuri Ateş performed an extraordinary performance and degusted our guests an exceptional experience. Likewise, all the guests are presented bags which are crafted by disadvantageous women group with the synergy and co-operation of Asmira Bunker and Hay Atelier. I would like to thank our esteemed artists for their contribution and to diligent women for their beautiful handcrafts.

We started to organize mutual corporate trainings on various subjects on self-development workshops with Tiyatro Terminal, which is one of the institutions that Asmira Group supports and sustains social responsibility dialogue.       I would like to thank Tiyatro Terminal’s esteemed performers who gave us a chance to be a part of these useful workshop series. I also would like to thank for ongoing synergy and the whole process of value co-creation that demonstrates sustainable social responsibility can only be achieved as a result of efforts that are put into mutual practice.

In presidential elections on 12th of January 2019 of Aegean Young Business Association (EGİAD); in which i have been performed various duties respectively, member (2010) social commission president (2014), vice president (2016); with the courtesy of our members i merited as a President. I would like to thank all the members for their merit, and point out that we, as the board of directors, will be keep on striving to widen the influenze and power of our association. We will continue to work on advancement of thinking globally and innovatively within our members and our region.

Everyday we take assured steps towards our vision of  “To Be Local on Every European Coast”, whereas we consider each term, each year as the process of evolution with more sense of responsibility and awareness of value creation. The ventures and developments that we realized in last 2 years are the confirmation of the accuracy of our target, our internal stakeholders, and our practices. Current improvements and ventures that will be eventuate in and shared with you soon are already get us quite excited. We assure that our next meeting, we will have our pocket full with new strories to tell.

In these first months of the year 2020, I wish to have a happy, tranquil and peaceful year to all citizens of the world.

Kind Regards;

Mustafa Aslan