Dear Stakeholders,

I would like to meet you again in summer with the occasion of sharing and presenting up-to-date information with you after my first article in February 2018.

We took remarkable steps in our “yachting” line of business, which we aimed at as an “azimuth” in February. Firstly; Opet Marine Station in Kuşadası Setur Marina is taken over. Thus, we have actualized our first business partnership with Setur Marina as Asmira. We consider this first step as a guarantee of our future collaboration in the future. We would like to thank Opet Marine Sales and Setur Marine for their trust and complaisance. It is surely beyond doubt that as Asmira, we will also create high added value in Setur Kuşadası, as it always has been in other marine stations operating under our management. Another significant development is that we have taken over all the fuel operations of D-Marin Göcek Marina located in Göcek as Asmira Marine. On this opportunity, the fuel operations in D-Marin's all marinas in Turkey, were delivered to Asmira by the trust and complaisance of D-Marin senior management team. We will do our best at Göcek D-Marin in order to obtain Asmira’s unique service quality, as it was before in other marinas. We wish that our partnership with D-Marin shall improve through overseas marine operations, after all the synergy we have created through operational unity in Turkey.

Asmira Bunker, our company through which we provide fuel services to the ships, has increased its sales many times in the first quarter of 2018 in comparison to the past years and prove the claim of our brand to the desired levels in marine fuel supply. We would like to extend our thanks to Petrol Ofisi Maritime Sales for their trust and support with which we ally on mentioned development.

As a pillar of EÇEV (Aegean Modern Education Foundation), we perform a successful visit to Turgut Reis Marine in Bodrum as Asmira Group and EÇEV. As Asmira Family, we had the opportunity to have a good time with our children and get to know them during this tour. Besides, we give some insight and inform the participating children about yachting and related sectors in Turkey. They have asked questions and we tried to answer their questions as best as we can. As Asmira we owe a debt of gratitude to EÇEV foundation’s management team, administrative staff and volunteers for their trust and support for the tour, which we have finalized by the visit of Maritime Museum.  The establishment and maintaining an important foundation such as EÇEV gives us an opportunity to raise social awareness. We are grateful for their social entrepreneurial notion.

I have been elected for the professional committee of "ship fuel suppliers", No. 13, representing our company during the elections of IMEAK Chamber of Shipping of Istanbul, which executed on 8th of April 2018 in Istanbul. Thus, in Istanbul, I became the member of Istanbul Central Assembly. Our election committee is appointed me as one of the delegates of Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB) representing IMEAK Chamber of Shipping. I would like to thank the representatives of "ship fuel suppliers", the Chairman and the members of DTO Board of Directors for their great complaisance and trust. As in any NGO I took part, I will try to be worthy of their trust by working hard in order to create high-value-added work in line with the common benefits and interests of the industry in these duties I have assumed in the Chamber of Shipping.

Since my last article, I would like to summarize briefly all the developments that are realized recently. We are aware of additional responsibilities that all above mentioned exciting developments put on our shoulders. However, all these developments promise that we are on the right track in compliance with our vision “To be Local on Every Europen Coast”. We will work without losing our enthusiasm and determination, and we will have our pockets full again in our next meeting.


Kind Regards;
Mustafa Aslan