Dear Stakeholders;

The trademark of our new logo, the "Kingfisher" is a sophisticated bird peculiar to the Aegean Region. Even it gains ground, it will return to the Aegean Coast after all. It is an agile, hunter, yet aesthetic bird. Since Archaic Period, bird and feather have become a symbol of communication. In ancient times, the most accurate and fastest communication was mediated through birds. We also adhere to mentioned ancient tradition and think that we can communicate with our stakeholders in that regard through our "kingfisher", which we think represents Asmira Group exceptionally good.  

It might be a bit strange at first that an organization based on maritime, which has its origins for 40 years, chose logo as Kingfisher. But kingfisher is a shore bird. Within the framework of our new vision, “Become a Local Brand on every European Coast”, we want to enter the businesses on every European Coast, within the sectors we are already in & will be in, with our Kingfisher. Because the Kingfisher, who travels very fast among far coasts, will carry us to these targeted coasts “pronto” through the right communication. On the way of “becoming European", we make necessary business contacts and establish associations in different regions in Europe. We anticipate that these steps will sprout and brighten in the very near future.
In our new structure; our main business from the past years is to continue as marine fuel supplier under the name of "bunker"; we create two additional lines of business as “marine” and “logistics”. Asmira Marine becomes a solution partner to all the needs & demands of yachts in along with transportation of fuel oil, where Asmira Logistics focuses on other niche logistics areas rather than fuel transportation such as; regional logistics operations, in-house logistics solutions in production facilities and so forth…

We aim to grow in our country with our activities at first and then expand & enlarge the European side of the related business lines that we operate. In doing so, one of the issues we will vitally pay attention is to be Smyrnian and the values of Izmir are always protected as a reference point. The last two words of Asmira, which is our group name, is the last two words of "Ismira", one of the ancient historical names of Izmir. Our brand Asmira, which phonetically supporting the story of the Kingfisher's return to the Aegean Coast, is the most characteristic indication of our consistency in "Izmir" and this value will always be one of our point of origin.

Thank you for visiting our new website, I look forward to seeing you again soon with recent developments.

Best Regards;
Mustafa Aslan