Ayhan Aslan
Ayhan Aslan Letter from the Chairman

Asmira's Esteemed Business Partners;

I have seen many ups and downs in my life for the past 80 years. I saw that happy people were unhappy afterwards and unhappy people were happy afterwards. In our time, the symbol of separation and unification was the train stations. At that time, you could see there both happy couples who become together and couples who separated their paths. There is a conclusion that I have drawn from all these ironies that I have seen in my life: every good thing is valuable as long as it has opposite. 

Firms or business people also have commercial ups and downs. As prudent business man, a sustainable and most precious thing is always to fulfill its commitments; because “word is bond” in the business environment that I have been trained in. It is very unlikely that you have not had difficult times in business for many years. The important thing is to be able to get out of the difficult times and keep going as a dignified business man. I also succeeded to make my business life so prudent until this time, over the past 50 years we have passed. No one can claim to be commercially damaged from me. This is my greatest wealth, and it is my greatest inheritance that I have left for next generations.

On a business trip to London, I saw phrases like "1867", "1785", "1683" on many stores at the Oxford Street. I asked to my friend: “What do these numbers represent?”. My friend said: “In England the value of firms is directly proportional to their age. For this reason, companies write their establishment dates on their signboards and are proud of it”. Then I wonder whether our family business would be a hundred years old, too? We are recently congratulating our 50 years in business. My expectation and dream is that the next generations keep this business going, and they would be proud of their business history for 100 years. 

It is very important that this past has contributed to clean and national values. One of Late Vehbi Koç's greatest advices for the next generation is “Protect national interests. If there is no nation, you cannot exist either”. This advice is always very valuable to me. That is why I always keep up with the interests of the region and the Turkish Nation except my own business and work for them. This aspect of my business history also gives me a distinct inner peace and honor.

At present, I enjoy to pass the torch to the managers who are younger than me and guide them through their career journey. It’s just like teaching your granddaughter how to ride a bike: she will surely be successful, yet she trusts you too. There are also young managers of Asmira, which is one of the companies I am founder and Chairman of the Advisory Board, other than those who carry my last name, that professional life has cross us in the right direction. I value all of them and trust them very much, not separating them from each other. Neither because those who bear my last name are only there because of their surnames; nor our brothers from the outside are there by chance. All of them have come to their current positions with the achievements that are the natural end result of high merit, talent and training.  I trust them very much on this way that they have head to an international vision. As I came to Izmir from Alaşehir at one time; they will reach many other places on this way they started in Izmir.

The main thing is the road itself; when you arrive, there is no way to walk. For this reason, I admire them enviously.

Best Regards;
Ayhan Aslan